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2018 Reading Challenge

2018 Reading Challenge
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Black Bird, Vol. 3

Black Bird, Vol. 3 - Kanoko Sakurakouji

On the third volume, I still do not see a lot of improvement. Misao's character still hasn't grown. The only thing that grows is her love for Kyo. Besides her feelings of Kyo, she still cries a lot and falls for the demons' traps. By this point of the series, I expected Misao to wisen up and not blindly trust other demons. But nope she still listens to what the other demons say and gets into danger. She doesn't feel like an actual character but rather a glorified plot device. Kyo still is a perverted jerk. Though in this volume, it seems like his horny antics are toned down, but I still his behavior annoying. I like Kensuke because I found his personality to be interesting compared to Kyo or Misao. I chuckled a bit when he accidentally revealed himself to be a demon to Misao.

There was one part that I liked at the beginning with Misao hanging out with her friends. I was happy when that happened because I finally got to see Misao hanging out with other people besides Kyo. I was hoping to see more of Misao's friendship with Mana and Kana this volume because I wanted to see more sides of Misao besides the "Kyo!" part of her. Unfortunately, those moments ended as quickly as it started. I am disappointed at what could have been a chance to develop Misao's character more and give her some other hobby besides thinking about Kyo.

It was this volume that I decided to give up on this series. This series has some interesting ideas and beautiful artwork. Unfortunately, it's wasted on some terribly written romance.

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