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2018 Reading Challenge
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Ai Ore! Love Me! Vol. 1

Ai Ore! Love Me! Vol. 1 - Mayu Shinjo

Several years ago when I signed up for the Viz Manga website, they were having a special for new members. The special was that new members get to choose one volume of their choice and it was for free. So I chose this manga because I thought it looked interesting and was in mood for some shojo manga.

I am glad that I didn't pay for this manga because I was disappointed in it. I thought the characters were kind of annoying, especially the lead male character. The art was okay. It wasn't horrible or outstanding but it was average. The plot is similar to other shojo manga but with some shock value added in to create drama and grab the attention of readers. The last part of the manga, which is previously mentioned in other reviews, made me cringed.

I am dissatisfied with this title.