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2018 Reading Challenge
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The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya - Nagaru Tanigawa, Noizi Ito, Chris Pai

When I first heard the news that this novel series was going to be translated officially into English, I was so excited. Back when this first came out, light novels were rare. Because of that, I was excited and bought my copy of the book so that more light novels could be released here.

The first novel was just like the anime. The first novel introduces readers to the world, the characters and the plot. I was surprised at how the anime followed the book closely. The difference between the light novel and the anime is that in the book, I hear more of what is going inside Kyon's head. The anime does have narration but the book is more detailed with Kyon's thoughts. I liked the story even though there are no huge differences with the anime. I didn't have too much difficulty reading the sentences thanks to the smooth translation. The pacing was just right. It wasn't too fast or too slow.

My thoughts on the rest of the books were the same. I plowed through the books wanting to know what happens next. Unfortunately, the series went on hiatus so the fates of the characters are now unknown.

Years later, I read the books again. While I still enjoyed the story (and the rest of the books in this series), it was for nostalgia. When I read the books, I found some of aspects of the books to be annoying like some of Haruhi's behavior (though she does grow out of her bad habits) for example. I guess this was due to me gaining maturity but I don't mind some light reading from time to time. This series does a good job of providing some light entertainment despite some problematic elements.