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2018 Reading Challenge
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Let Me In

Let Me In (Movie Tie-in) - with Bonus Content - John Ajvide Lindqvist



I wanted to love this book. I watched both film adaptions of this book, and I loved them. I wanted to check out the source material because usually the original material is the best. However, this is one of those rare cases that the adaption (s) is better than the source.

The problem I had with this book is the pacing and the frequent POV switches.

When I first started the book, the pacing was excellent. It didn't feel slow or too fast. Then around the middle of the book, the pages became bogged with information that wasn't necessary to the story. The story became a chore to read, and at some paragraphs I found my eyes glazing over them.

The POV switches that happened in every chapter were annoying. Each chapter starts with one character's POV then switches over to other and so on within the same chapter. Unlike Durarara, the characters in LMI/LTROI are hard to differentiate from each other because most of them sound similar and it makes the plot is hard to follow.

I am sad that I gave this book a low rating because it contains content that I love. Unfortunately, I was left disappointed and bored.