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2018 Reading Challenge

2018 Reading Challenge
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Archie Vs. Predator

Archie vs Predator - Fernando Ruiz, Alex de Campi

Before I read this comic, I wondered if it was possible to mix something wholesome like the Archie comics with the not so wholesome Predator series. After I finished reading, the answer was that it was possible to combine those two things.


What made this crossover work was that it wasn't taken seriously. Even with all the killing going on, there was time for some characters to make some funny jokes or comments. Between the four chapters, there was some funny artwork with the Predator and the Riverdale gang. My favorite artwork was the one with the Predator drinking milkshakes.


The story is simple and straightforward. The characters are simple as well. I didn't see these things as a negative because there are times where anyone wants their mind to take a break from reading challenging works. I just got out from school for spring break and this kind of popcorn read is what I needed.


Anyone looking for something to make them think about complicated and complex matters and issues should try reading a different book. But for anyone who is in a mood for some light reading and enjoys mindless entertainment should try checking this out.