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2018 Reading Challenge

2018 Reading Challenge
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Otome Mania Vol.1-2

Otome Mania!! Vol. 1 - Yurino Tsukigase Otome Mania!! Vol. 2 - Yurino Tsukigase

This series was a cute read. I bought the volumes months ago, but I did not have to read them. So I finally found some time to read them over spring break.


The artwork and the story are not revolutionary for the shojo manga genre. The plot was predictable, and I was able to see the plot twists miles away. For example, I predicted that Tachibana used to be a voice actor before he quit from the first pages of the first volume. The artwork is pretty and is in a typical style for shojo or otome game, but it fits the story because the story is about making otome games.


The one complaint I have with this series is that the members of the Princess Limited company were severely underused. While the members of Trick Star were able to get a turn under the spotlight each chapter, only one member of Princess Limited, Akamune, was able to receive some focus. But unfortunately, the scenes with him make up a small part of the series. The rest of Princess Limited crew were barely there in the story. They could easily be removed without affecting the plot of the story. The reason for that flaw has to do with the fact that series only has two volumes. I wish there were one more volume in this series to give the characters some development.


That aside, the series is a sweet, cute read for the weekend or vacation.


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