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2018 Reading Challenge

2018 Reading Challenge
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The Magic in this Other World is Too Far Behind! Thoughts Part 2

The Magic in this Other World is Too Far Behind! Volume 1 - Gamei Hitsuji, himesuz, Hikoki

I dived into Chapter 2. This part has put me on a fence on this entire series. On the one hand, I'm interested in the world-building of this story. The magic system is impressive, and I like hearing about the moral dilemma over the summoning ritual because it's something that I don't come across a lot when I read an isekai story.


On the other hand, the side characters have not left an impression on me. Reiji is an okay character, but not out of this world amazing. Mizuki does not have that much of a personality. She is a typical kind girl. The one character that I dislike is Felmenia because she has been acting like stereotypical tsundere character minus the likable traits or charm.


Granted, this is the first volume in this series, so the characters have not received their character developments yet. But, my impressions of the supporting cast are negative. I hope their (especially Felmenia) developments grow in future volumes.  


However, I'm not sure if I want to continue on with Chapter 3.

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