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2018 Reading Challenge

2018 Reading Challenge
AR has read 45 books toward their goal of 50 books.

Sophie's World

Sophie's World - Paulette Møller, Jostein Gaarder

An exciting and engaging read for learning about the basics of philosophy especially if you're a philosophy novice. Before I read this book, I had some familiarity with some philosophers and philosophy schools. After reading this book, I began to have a better understanding of some philosophical concepts. 


The majority of the book's text focused on the development of each philosophical concept and covers time periods from ancient Greece to 20th century Europe. Fortunately, these passages are written in an accessible way that even philosophy beginners and average readers can understand. However, advanced philosophy students might find some of the explanations to be repetitive or disappointed that there are not a lot of challenging information in the passages. I don't recommend this book to readers who want to read about Eastern philosophies since this book limited to Western concepts.


This book is not just about philosophy, but it's a mystery novel about Sophie figuring out who Hilde is and why she is receiving her mail. So Sophie starts learning about philosophy from a mysterious philosopher to figure out who is Hilde. During the first half, I was engrossed in the story and wanted to know who this Hilde is. This sense of mystery was appealing to me and kept me excited. However, the second half was a bit disappointing. The reason was that the mystery of Hilde was solved. I thought that mystery was answered too early. After that part, the exciting and edge of your seat feeling disappears. The reason I kept on going was that I enjoyed reading about the philosophy lessons that Sophie is receiving.


After I finished this book, I'm now extremely interested in learning more about philosophy and philosophers.


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